Waiting – By Syd

SYD on March 3, 2015

I waited six hours for you near beach

But you did not come here to see me


I am starving to death right now

Wanted to have dinner with you


I will take you to your favourite restaurant

I will ask you to order something for me


Since you have left I don’t eat much

I don’t even sleep or enjoy anything


I lost all my happiness after you

I don’t relish anything anymore


I am waiting for you to come here

And take me with you somewhere


I know you will not come here for me

And I will go back with disappointment


I am freezing myself to death here

Just to have one look at your face


I wish I could make things right again

I wish I could make you feel my love


You are always on my mind

I hope you are missing me too


Written by SYD

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