Solitude – By SYD

SYD on March 31, 2015

Broken man walking alone in Stanley Park

Crying out loud for his lost love in solitude


He was very happy to find his love

He never imagined to be alone again


He cherished his life after finding her

He planned to stay forever with her


He never imagined to be apart from her

But fate was harsh and took his happiness


Now he is walking alone in Solitude

And crying out loud for his lost love


He was with her only for the chunk of time

But those moments were the best of his life


He now walk in solitude and will never move on

Though she break his heart and went her own way


He was so involve with her and wanted to live with her

He wanted to bring all the happiness in the world to her


But the feeling is gone and he can’t change her mind

He has missed his chance and have to live in solitude


Written by SYD

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