Loneliness – by SYD

SYD on February 24, 2015

You were with me only for a moment
And I cannot forget that moment


I have never read any poem before
but now I can write poetry for you


I never imagined that I could ever  LOVE anyone
After losing you I realized the intensity of LOVE for you


without you I have lost all the charm in life
without you I don’t feel the taste of food


Without You I cannot enjoy sleep
Without you I cannot even smile


I am very alone without you
I am really sad without you


Whenever I sleep
I dream about you


Whenever I am awake
I think about you


I cry for you every night
I miss you every day


Every time when my phone beeps
I hope it’s your call or text


I know it’s too late now
and you won’t comeback


But I will always miss you
And will always hope for the best


I hope you will feel the love that I have
I hope one day you will comeback to me


Written by SYD

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