Cherry Blossom – By SYD

SYD on March 31, 2015

She is the most beautiful creation of God

She is the most perfect girl on this earth


She is like cherry blossom on Himalayas

She is reason behind the beauty of this world


Like her name she is the wings of purity

Like her personality she gives hope to life


She is the most beautiful fairy in this world

Her smile gives life to flowers of this world


Her beautiful voice is actually the heartbeat of this world

Her pure soul is reason behind the existence of this world


Her eyes are like shining stars in chilly night

Her every breath is the breeze of heaven


Her presence is the most beautiful thing in this world

Her friendship is most precious thing I have in my life


I cannot do justice with her personality in my poem

I do not have word to express her magnificence


Written by SYD,

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