Young boy from Small Town – By SYD

SYD on April 13, 2015

Young boy from small town with learning disability

Struggled hard to please everyone around him


He tried very hard but he was unable to prove himself

Everyone criticised his existence despite of his disability


But he never quit and continued his struggle

With time he started to understand his purpose


He turned his weaknesses into his power

Then there was nothing that can stop him


He went out to find his destiny at the highest peaks

He risked his life many times to achieve his goals


Now he don’t fear anything and chasing his dreams

Now he don’t care about pleasing others anymore


He is travelling around the world

And he have friends in every nation


He have learned many lesson from his hardships

Now he is helping others with their weaknesses


Those who criticised him now envy his life

His parents are proud of his achievements


He is now standing out from the crowed

And inspiring others to follow their dreams


This is the story of young boy from small town

Who did not quit and followed his dreams



Written by SYD

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