Unpleasant Life – BY SYD

SYD on March 23, 2015

Chilly Nights and misty wind
Shining stars and bright moon


Everything was beautiful
Before you left me alone


After you everything make me cry
Every breath I take gives me pain


Only thing I do is cry for you
My eyes turned red from tears


It’s not your fault you deserve better
I was not in my perfect shape that day


I am changing my life in case you comeback
I am working hard for our next encounter


I always see good in life
I always hope for the best


I planned never to hurt you ever
I don’t know where did I go wrong


All I know in my heart that I can’t move on
And I will always wait for your return


I hope one day you can feel my love
I hope one day you will comeback



Written By SYD

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