Project Log: In Search of Easter Bunny

SYD on April 7, 2015

It’s a beautiful Morning and I am going on a two days trip to find Easter Bunny. I will explore the hidden corners of British Columbia to find the layer of this mythical creature. Although I am awake from last night because of Lunar Eclipse but my spirit is very high. Great thing about this trip is that, I am not alone and my great buddy is accompanying me. I am writing project log and taking snaps of the nature while he is driving. To make things interesting I usually theme my projects. This is the occasion of Easter, so I themed this project accordingly. Things like Santa Clause or Easter bunny are just Myths and I know that too but I love to chase impossible dreams without caring about the end result. I believe it doesn’t matter what you get in the end but the real achievement is what you experience in your journey.

We don’t know where we are going, we are moving towards unknown destination. To find impossible we need to get lost in the wild. We never felt such enthusiasm before, may be it is the bond between two friends which fuels our motivation. When everyone is celebrating Easter with their family in their warm houses, we are roaming around on the empty roads of British Columbia. Nature is also kind today and weather is pleasant and dry. Although we prepared for everything but we made a mistake on this trip that we did not pack our tents, now we have to sleep in our truck. It is still good experience for us and a good lesson for future trips.

The sightseeing on this road is beautiful and we have parked our truck for rest. I am trying to find some wild animals for my animal collection. Hopefully I will capture some vivid animal moments on this trip, a bear would be a fancy sight. Anyway right now I can’t even see a fly, but beautiful scenery is taking my breath away. Mountains on my right and pacific on my left. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. I suggest everyone to go out to the places like this every month, it’s a brutal stress killing environment. Just to make things clear I want to say that I don’t have stress or anything like that, I live my life very optimistically.

It’s evening now and we are in the middle of nowhere. Our cell phone reception is dead so if anything bad happen to us then we won’t be able to call for help. But nothing to worry about I have been to worst places and this trip is like a piece of cake. We are now going for trekking, I am not taking my camera with me for now because this mountain looks dangerous and we don’t want extra burden with us. Hopefully we will return back to our truck safely before sunset.

Finally we are back safe and sound but we are three hours late from our planned time. It was amazing experience up there but scary and life threatening too. We had an amazing conversation about Greek Myths at the top of the mountain with the amazing view of moon. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me there otherwise I would have taken some amazing shots, now I have to wait till September for this position of the moon. Anyway it’s time for dinner in the wild, good thing that we brought food with us. After dinner we probably sleep here and restart our journey tomorrow.

IMG_0032 - Copy-3
It’s a day two of our journey. I want to wish Good Morning to my loved ones on twitter but due to dead cell phone reception I am unable to do so. Right now I need a shower, I guess today we need to jump into a river or stand under any waterfall to fulfill this desire. Anyway after breakfast we will head towards Squamish and will shoot some landscape there. Second day of our trip will be focused more on photography and little less on adventure. We are desperately looking for civilization so we can see some friendly faces, also we desperately need to call some people right now. Hopefully we will be back in radar soon.

Unfortunately our Plan is changed and we have to stop our journey right here because my buddy need to do something in evening so instead of going to Squamish we are heading back home. But it doesn’t matter, we have done some freaky stuff yesterday and our desire for adventure is already fulfilled.

In a nutshell, it was an amazing experience. Although I did not find Easter bunny but I have learned so many things on this trip about life, friendship, fear, motivation, chasing impossible dreams etc. Most important thing I have learned on this trip is If you have a courage then even sky is not a limit for you.

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