Perception of life

SYD on April 16, 2015

Life is the most beautiful gift from nature and we all should learn to respect it. I know people from almost every nation in the world and I have learned so many things while I was with them. One thing I encountered multiple times is that most of them hates their own life and envy people around them. This type thinking is the root cause of their downfall.

A common phenomenon which I noticed in my discussions with different people is that and I quote “I am having all the bad luck and hard times while others are living their dreams”. It is a big misconception and lack of experience about life which lead them towards depression and anxiety. Everyone in this world have problems of their own but some people are strong enough to resolve their issue smartly without whining in front of everyone. It’s their courage and enthusiasm which made them risk everything they had to achieve their goals. Not all of those successful people reached to their destination in first try, in fact many of them lost everything except hope in their journey which made them to try again and again until they succeeded. Even after achieving success in their career they are still having different types of challenges but they are facing them boldly without effecting their happiness. Because of their positivity some people around them usually develop this idea in their minds that those successful people received everything in a golden plate. This approach of thinking leads them towards jealously, then they start losing hope and end up in emptiness.

Another reason which prevent people from doing something amazing is the criticism of some low life people around them. Sometime they want to follow their dreams but they are afraid of the negative comments of others which cause them to give up their ambition and to stick with their usual life. They often think that they do not have anything special in them and they are good for nothing, this is the negative energy around them which made them to develop this false perception about themselves. Everyone have some unique skills inside them, all they need to do is to identify that quality and furnished that until they reached to the level of perfection. Sometime it is hard to identify the quality within, my suggestion to everyone is that you must find some peaceful spot to sit outside your regime for rumination. Don’t think about what you have lost in your life but concentrate on the lessons you have learned from those experiences. Also try everything possible until you succeed in identifying your inner quality.

That’s how I am living my life, in fact I take things to another level. I always try to do what seems impossible for me. I also don’t know much about my qualities but I am well aware of my weaknesses. Long time ago I made a pact with myself that I will turn all my weaknesses into my strongest suite and this is what I am doing now. My professional field is Information Technology and I was really weak in programming in the beginning of my career, in fact I start working in quality assurance department but I was not happy because I knew that I am choosing an easy way out and I am running away from my fear. Then I decided to do Masters in Software Engineering and start working on some freelance projects, in result I turned myself into a professional programmer and finished some massive projects alone. I also used to hate reading books and poetry in fact I have never read anyone’s else poem in my life but I started to write my own poetry without caring about criticism, I know I am a pathetic writer and my poems are not even in rhyme but I don’t care what others will have say about it. If anyone likes it then its good otherwise no one is going to kill me for writing bad poetry, in fact I appreciate criticism not because I love defying people but I want to learn from their feedback so I can improve my writing skills. I have learned a lot from my mistakes and instead of running away I faced all my problems fearlessly now I am asking all of you to do the same.

Many of my friends suffered from same trauma and the worst part was that the people around them were discouraging and pushing them aside. I thought it is vicious and atrocity to the humanity, I was super young and inexperienced at that time but I always have love for humanity. Even though I was stuck in my own problems but I start communicating with them and discussing their issues to ease their pain. I stood up for them whenever they needed me now they are living their life confidently. My point is, sometime people need a small push and if we give them that by our encouraging words and kind behavior they can go beyond their limits.

To conclude, I want to say that we are very lucky to have this amazing opportunity to experience the wonders of nature and beauty of relationship with people around us. Do not ruin your life by depressing it with negative energy, respect this privilege of living by chasing your dreams and spreading positive energy around you.


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