People who really Inspired me

SYD on April 1, 2015

Usually I don’t get inspired by anybody but I want to thank three people who really inspired me in chasing my dreams.


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Laura Riquelme Mansilla, She is my best female friend in the world. She is the one who actually taught me everything about Art. Before I met here I did not have any interest in art, I was only living my life in Scientific world. She is the one who took me to art gallery first time and she explained everything in details about the messages behind paintings. That was actually first time we hangout together but that was not the last time, we walked almost everywhere in London and visited many castles and historical places together. She is the brilliant painter, her paintings and creativity is out of this world. Apart of her art work she is now a Fashion Model and Designer. I am proud to have such a wonderful friend in life. I thank Laura for inspiring me in my life and for showing me this path.


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G.G. Silverman, She is the only writer I have ever known. She is a very cool person and because of her I have watched many zombie movies. Before her, I never read any book in my life but the title of her book was so catchy and that title forced me to read the whole book. She is the one who appreciated me when I start writing poetry she gave me so much enthusiasm. I thank you my friend for showing me this Beautiful world of words.

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Par, we are tweeting from couple of days and she inspired me a lot with her work in this short period of time. She have amazing website and her writing skills are out of this world. It is because of her I launched my website this soon otherwise my actual plan was to release it after two weeks. I was totally out of ideas and after exploring her website rain of ideas started in my head. Her articles inspired me to cover events in Vancouver, before that I was only interested in nature photography but now I also want cover events. I hope she will help me out in future. I thank you Par for being nice and helping me out.

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