Pacific – By SYD

SYD on March 1, 2015

Standing alone at the Pacific Shore

Hiding my tears under fake smile


Sea breeze is touching my soul

Same way as you touched my heart


I wanted to live with you forever

But I was destined to live alone


Now my life is quiet as Pacific Ocean

Now I have to hide my pain in silence


I wish I could be with you again

So I do not have to cry again


I begged for your forgiveness last night

But you did not respond to my request


I lost dignity I lost everything I had

Just to get another chance


But you are acting like Pacific Ocean

Pretending that you are very cold


I know that you never Loved me

But I Love You from the first day


I know I am wasting my time after you

But my heart will never understand


So I will always wait for your return

May be this way I can pass my life


But I want you back in my arms again

So I do not have to cry for you again


I do not want to live in silence forever

I do not want to be like Pacific Ocean



Written by SYD

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