Sight – By SYD

SYD on March 24, 2015

I was going back home one evening

I saw you passing by my side in rush


I took a pause and then turned around to see you again

But you were walking very fast and then disappeared


I bought coffee and then returned home

But since then I cannot control my heart


I was almost over you before that

But that one sight burst my control


Next Afternoon I came to same street

I was in coffee shop and saw you again


Now I am totally lost in Love and pain

I wish you were also in Love with me


If there is God then he is playing with my life

If there is God then he is tormenting me


But now I am done playing his game

If my fate is to cry forever then I will


But I won’t stop loving you ever

I won’t quit my struggle for you


Either you will come back to me

Or I will die in my quest of Love



Written by SYD

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