Intentions, Actions and Deeds

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What are deeds, how can we decide that our deeds are either good or bad? Some people say if you intended to do well then your deed will be good regardless of action. While other believe that actions are equally important as intentions.

This topic seems not that important and no one care to talk about it, but I think this is a very deep topic and need more attention. Their is no universal rule which can apply on every situation to pass our judgment, every scenario is different and with that scenario we have to change parameter of judging our deeds.

There are few scenarios, which I am going to discuss here to give you an idea. First cases is, there is a hunter who went to kill a bear for pleasure but after killing that bear he found out that this bear was about to kill a human and unintentionally he saved someone’s life. Even though he saved someone’s life but his intension was to kill for a pleasure. In this case he end up doing something good even though his intensions were bad. This scenario is an example of good action with bad intension.

Let’s discuss scenario of two good friends who care about each other very much and can never intend to harm each other. One of them find out that his friend is doing something morally wrong and he intended to point it out so his friend can correct his mistake, but he point that mistake out in front of other people which is kind of insulting for his friend. In this case his intensions was good but his action was bad. Regardless of his intensions his deed will count as a bad deed because of his action.

Another scenario is if anyone intended to be famous by donating his money to poor although he don’t care about others. So with this intension he donated millions for orphans. Even though his intension was to get famous but his action was good.

Let’s take an example of one funky guy. This guy saw an attractive girl and intended to take advantage of this girl. But after couple of months he fall in love with her and end up marrying her. In this case he intended something bad but his action turned out to be good.

There are many more scenarios which I can discuss here but my point is good intensions are not enough to judge your deeds. Your actions are more important then your intensions. For me the definition of good deed is to do something for others or yourself without harming anyone. Sometime your deeds with bad intension can turn out to be good and vice versa. There is no universal rule for judging your deeds every scenario is different and your actions define who you are. There is a reason behind this famous quote “action speaks louder then words”.

I have discussed few scenarios in this post and I really don’t mean that you guys stop caring about your intensions. Generally good intensions are the base of good actions, so always think positive and perform good actions with good intensions. Peace out




P.S. When I say judgment I don’t mean to start judging others but I was talking about judging our own deeds to be a better person.

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