Cherry Blossom Fading out – By SYD

SYD on April 19, 2015

Cherry Blossoms are now leaving us

They are not as pink as they were before


Their beauty is fading towards end

They are losing their colourful charm


Usually I cry every year for my flowers

But this year I am not sad for my flowers


This year someone entered in my life

Who have changed my world inside out


She is more beautiful than eve herself

Even fairies of wonderland envy her


She is like a flower of Eden garden

She is like a shining star of Orion


She came to my life like a tidal wave

And sunk my soul deep into her love


Now I understand the purpose of cherry blossom

They sacrifices their life for the most perfect girl


Now I do not have to cry for my flowers

Their essence will stay with me forever



Written by SYD

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